Oral surgery

Oral surgery basically involves any surgical procedures that are carried in the mouth. Dental consultation, proper diagnosis and treatment planning is required with our dental specialists before any surgical procedure.


Various surgical procedures

Removal impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are unerupted or partially erupted teeth that cannot fully erupt due to:

  • Lack of space (crowding)
  • Misalignment (tooth is rotated out of position)
  • Conflicting position (another tooth has erupted over that position)
  • Ankylosis - when other causes of impaction are not corrected in a timely manner, the roots of the impacted tooth can fuse to the surrounding bone creating a tooth frozen in an unerupted or partially erupted state.

The teeth most likely to become impacted are the third molars, also known as "wisdom teeth". The most important thing to know about impacted teeth is that they almost always require extraction.

If you have an impacted tooth and you are not FULLY aware of the risks and alternatives associated with keeping or extracting an impacted tooth, please Contact Us for an appointment.

Complicated tooth extractions

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Oral cyst removals

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Management of oro facial & pre cancerous lesions

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