Periodontal disease, commonly known as “gum disease” occurs when bacteria infect the parts of the gums around the teeth, forming pockets and destroying tissue and bone if left untreated. Fortunately, however, periodontal disease is preventable and controllable.

Common periodontal problems

1. Gingivitis:

Bacterial plaque is the root cause of most dental problems. Bleeding from the gums is the most common indication that plaque is weakening the tissues between the gums and the teeth and the supporting bone.

2. Periodontitis:

Bacterial plaque that is not removed, begins to harden to form tartar/calculus. When calculus settles between your gums & teeth, it forces your gums to recede from your teeth exposing the roots, thus making your teeth more sensitive. At the same time infection starts to spread to the supporting bone which also recedes in the same fashion as gums, which causes mobility of teeth & ultimately leads to tooth loss.

Treatment options:

Scaling: subgingival / supra gingival

Scaling / Cleaning of Teeth:

Scaling /cleaning of teeth is most commonly advised treatment by a dentist which removes the adherent tartar stains on the teeth are caused by smoking, tobacco, tea & coffee intake & food particles in between teeth and also between teeth and gums. External stains on the teeth which cannot be removed by simple brushing, can be removed by scaling and polishing.

Scaling is the procedure done by state of art. modern ultra sonic technique which does not cause any harm or scratches on the natural tooth structure. No local anaesthesia is usually given for this procedure as this is virtually painless procedure. Scaling if done at a proper time i.e. every six months to remove calculus, the cycle of gum disease is broken & the onset of gum disease is prevented.


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Flap surgery

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Mucogingival surgery

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Bone and osseous surgery

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