Cosmetic Dentistry

Any kind of dental work that improves the aesthetic appeal of your teeth and gums, is referred to as Cosmetic Dentistry. Modern dentistry can help you alter the shape, size, colour, position, or alignment of your teeth and give you a better smile (also referred to as a “smile makeover”) using one or more cosmetic dental procedures like ceramic veneers and composite veneers. A beautiful smile promotes well being and radiates confidence whilst creating a positive lasting impression on the people you meet. Your smile is the most valuable asset, affects how you feel & how others perceive you. Cosmetic dentistry is no longer something that is only available to celebrities and royals, you too can have the smile of your dreams. These days more and more people resort to dentists with expertise in the field to help them achieve a winning smile. Dr Santosh Dixit who has got formal training under world renowned cosmetic dentist Dr Galip Gurel went on to become an expert in the field of smile designing. Having vast experience spanning over 2 decades and treating numerous smile makeover patients including celebrities and VIPs.


We are committed and proud to offer the most impeccable and  wide range of tailored treatments to make your smile the best possible, regardless of your dental issue.



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    Tooth Jewellery

    Tooth jewellery is an embellishment that is put on the frontal portion of your tooth. This accessory allows you to express your individuality through your smile, while also earning you brownie points for the style statement. There are ample tooth jewellery options available now, from gemstones to precious metal charms, to find something that perfectly matches your unique personality.

    Tooth jewellery might be temporary or for the long run- ranging between 6 months and a few years. The process is 100% reversible and your dentist will use a dental bonding material to adhere the embellishment to your teeth to avoid any permanent damage.

    Gingival Contouring And De-pigmentation

    Gingival contouring, or gingivoplasty, is a dental procedure by which the tissue of the gum around your teeth is reshaped. The excess tissue is cut off, to expose more tooth structure- for a single tooth or the entire set. Gum contouring is a frequently used procedure to correct a gummy smile.

    Gum de-pigmentation is a cosmetic dental procedure that removes purplish stains and brown or black patches on the gums caused by excess melanin granules. Your gums might also be discoloured due to prolonged use of certain medications. There are a variety of options available to bleach your gums, which involves forms of minor surgical procedures as well as laser ablation techniques.


    Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure which helps you lighten your teeth, or remove any stains or discoloration. It is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments and helps you achieve a bright and winning smile. It is, however, not a one-time treatment, and must be repeated as per your requirements.


    Teeth whitening works by altering the color of your teeth from within (intrinsic whitening), or by removing external stains and discoloration (extrinsic whitening). Intrinsic whitening whitens your dentin by applying a hydrogen peroxide gel, which gets soaked in and bleaches this inner part of the tooth. Extrinsic whitening can be achieved with the help of whitening strips or a ‘teeth clean-up’, but is most often tackled at home.

    Mercury-free Fillings/ Tooth Coloured Fillings

    Silver amalgam dental fillings tend to contain a lot of mercury, which is extremely harmful and can even prove to be fatal. Mercury-free fillings provide a safer alternative to the amalgam fillings where the mercury gets absorbed into the patient’s’ body once the fillings start to deteriorate and cause complications.

    Tooth coloured fillings, made of composite resin, are completely mercury free and do not contain any other dangerous substances. Additionally, they are identical in colour to your teeth so they can barely be detected by others since they look so natural. They are as efficient as amalgam fillings and are strong and long-lasting.

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Can I opt for cosmetic dentistry procedures for solely cosmetic reasons?
    Yes. If it is simply the aesthetic appeal of your teeth that is bothering you rather than its functionality, there are a host of cosmetic procedures to choose from that can help you improve your smile.

    Who is eligible for cosmetic dentistry procedures?
    Anyone who is looking to improve the appearance and aesthetics of their teeth and gums and overall smile is eligible.

    Do cosmetic dental treatments have any health benefits?
    Yes, there are quite a few benefits. Removing the empty spaces through the help of dental implants, crowns, bridges and veneers can help greatly decrease the possibility of a microbial activity in the mouth since it fills up space where harmful bacteria might grow.

    Does the process hurt?
    Since dentists use local anesthesia to numb the area, before the procedure, there is minimal or no pain involved in the process.

    Can children undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures?
    Since cosmetic procedures are best suited for fully matured teeth or jawbone, children are not the ideal candidates for advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, minor cosmetic treatments are recommended in children who have decayed or broken front teeth.