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Implants are placed with either immediate or delayed loading protocol when adequate bone is available. It is difficult to place implants in compromised bone conditions especially posterior maxilla without sinus augmentation. Although these procedures are having high success rates but requires long treatment period. In compromised bone situations, it is difficult to place straight implants without grafting. Even long cantilevers are required to compensate biological complications. Various alternative methods like zygomatic implants have showed higher success rate in compromised bone situations. But these procedures are highly invasive. To overcome these problems, a new innovative TTPHIL-ALL TILT TM concept is introduced. Dr Santosh Dixit has received specialized training from Institute of Dental Implantology to treat edentulous and partially edentulous patients with extremely deficient bone.


In the maxilla, it is not uncommon to see resorption in the posterior regions and also enlargement of the sinuses. In these situations, it is difficult to place axial implants without sinus augmentation, which requires extensive bone grafting and requires nearly a year to complete the treatment.


The introduction of tilted implants has provided a significant alternative for restoration of maxillary and mandibular posterior segments without bone grafting. TTPHIL-ALL TILT concept is the innovative technique which overcomes the limitations of axial implants, also the disadvantages of All-on-4 concept and All-on-6 concept. Here, Tall (16mm, 20mm, 24mm, etc), tilted (TT) implants (with angulations of 30° to 70°) are used. Tall implants provide more surface area for osseointergation and are also engaged to the cortical bone (bi cortical anchorage). The implants are placed in pinhole (PH) manner i.e flapless. In most of the cases, implants are immediately loaded (IL) within 48 hours with CAD/CAM (Computer-aided design and computeraided manufacturing) prosthesis.


At Dixit Dental care, we treat cases with extreme bone resorption with new innovative procedures like sinus bypass technique, Pteregoid implants, zygomatic implants and tilted implants with bicortical fixation.

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