Dental Tourism

How wonderful would it feel to go on a vacation to a beautiful place and return home with a completely fresh mind and a new smile?


What is Dental Tourism ?

Medical tourism is one of the trends of the day and dental tourism is no exception to it. Although a part and parcel of Medical Tourism, Dental Tourism has quickly emerged as a major contributor to the former, with the emergence of advanced dental infrastructure in India.


Dental tourism, although a new breeze, is witnessing tremendous demand, wherein patients from abroad or different states of the country flock in to make the best out of affordable dental treatment and procedures from well experienced and expert dental professionals while exploring new places and cultures.


Dental Tourism mainly involves individuals seeking dental care outside their health care systems and may be accompanied by a vacation. As there have been technical, material and technological advances in various aspects, it enables the providers in developing nations to provide dental care at significant cost savings when compared to their peers in developed nations.


Dental tourism in India has been growing tremendously as India over the decades has been attracting tourists all over the world for its historical and cultural heritage. While dental tourists travel for a variety of reasons, their choices are usually driven by price considerations. It is possible to compare the prices of treatment, for instance, the same implant or porcelain veneer would be cheaper in India as compared to the US, UK, Canada, Europe Australia or middle east countries. The price difference here is not explainable by reference to material cost.

Why Pune is the preferred location to treat your dental problems, you might ask. The reasons are:


  1. Lower Medical Costs: Medical treatments, especially dental treatments, burn a hole in your pocket especially in the USA, UK, Europe and many other countries when compared to India even if you are covered by insurance. Especially in Pune, you can find top-of-the-line dental professionals who offer the same quality of treatment at a much lesser price point. You can buy flight tickets to Pune using the money you saved.
  2. Treatment Quality: The quality of treatment you will receive in Pune is often better than what you would receive in other states or countries, if not at par since Pune has several experienced and expert dental professionals.
  3. Clinical Infrastructure: Dental clinics in Pune come equipped with the state-of-the-art medical instrument, equipment and devices. Clinics are in accordance with rigorous quality standards to give you the best possible experience possible out of your visit.
  4. Ease of communication: English is widely spoken and understood in India. You would not have trouble in communicating with your dentist and as that is one of the most vital keys to the start of a healthy professional relationship between you and your dentist, you can be assured of a great treatment.

Why Choose Pune as your Dental Tourism Destination ?

Pune is also easily accessible by air from many neighboring countries. In the city itself, public transport is plentiful as well as reasonably priced. You also have the choice of commuting by ride-hailing apps like Uber and Ola.

Over a period of time, Pune has emerged as a hub for its dental tourists for various reasons, mainly for its connectivity with airlines, train and bus to major destinations like Mumbai and also being on a higher altitude, weather is quite pleasant. It also has got a rich cultural background and there are many sightseeing places in and around Pune.

From a tourism point of view, Pune is rich with cultural and architectural heritage. There are several tourists attractions like Aga Khan Palace which a testament to the architectural wonders of the bygone era, Shaniwar Wada which served as the place from where Peshwa rulers of the Maratha Empire ruled from, Sinhagad Fort which serves as an excellent location for trekking as it is located around 30 km away from Pune on the Bhuleshwar Range of the Sahyadri Mountains and finally Chaturshringi Temple which is a temple of Goddess Chaturshringi measuring about 90 feet in height and 125 feet in width with the need to climb 100 steps to reach the shrine. There exist several more spots to visit if you have the time in hand.


Why Choose Dixit Dental Care ?


Dixit Dental Care is located just a km away from the airport and 7 km from railway station makes it even more feasible for our patients as they can avoid the travel time to reach the clinic.

Many of the dental procedures can be completed during the stipulated time. Some procedures like the implants typically require only two trips. The first trip involves placement of the implant and provisional crown and the second is after 4-6 months after the implant has stabilized in the bone, which has worked out very well with our pts residing abroad.

A highly qualified and experienced dental team at Dixit Dental Care ensure that our patients have a pleasant dental experience. As the name implies when combined with the holiday it is an opportunity to receive low cost, high-quality dental care.