The link between Oral & Overall Health

There is very prompt relation between our oral health and the overall health

In simple we can say that a healthy mouth is an indicator of a healthy bodily system, if there is any underlying chronic diseases, our oral cavity reflects it through different sign and symptoms on soft tissue and also at bone level. Hence there is a famous saying that “Mouth is the mirror of the body”.

  • As we know mouth is the entrance of both digestive and respiratory system.
  • Healthy mouth lining is pink, gums snugly fit around the teeth.
  • Anemia may cause the gums to look pale, small red spots are sign of blood disorders.
Heart disease

It has been proved by the medical scientific researches that, the plaque that forms on your teeth is the same type of plaque that builds up in your arteries and causes heart diseases, when the plaque buildup increases it can narrow the wall of the blood vessel and restrict the blood flow a complete blockage by the time can cause severe heart issues.

American journal of preventive cardiology says a person with periodontal disease (type of oral disease), may develop systemic inflammation which may end up leading a atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD).

Over the years many studies have found that people with gum disease are more likely to also have heart attack.


When you eat food, various bacteria present in the mouth break them down into sugar, more you take sugary food more the bacteria grows.

Increased bacterial growth causes increased blood sugar level and this is how a person becomes more prone to develop type 2 diabetes. In all we can say that the prevention of diabetes and better gum health goes hand in hand. Poor gum health may lead to poor handling of blood sugar level and maintenance of gum health can save you from diabetes.


Osteoporosis is one of the most prominent health conditions of today’s modern age, women are more likely to suffer from this condition after menopause due to hormonal changes within the body and changes in calcium and vitamin D3 absorption, there is the declination of bone density due to which bones become brittle and weak. It increases the chances of bone fracture.

In your mouth, there will be a clear signs for it as your jaw bone also get affected and your dentist can let you know  this in an early notice by seeing at your full mouth x-ray (OPG).

Brain Stroke

There is a co-relation between poor oral health and occurrence of brain stroke, as gum diseases causes inflammation of gums, it brings the changes in how blood and oxygen flows to the brain. The infection is more likely to cause clotting of the blood, which can lead to stroke. The bacteria which are present in the mouth have been found in brain of the people who have had a stroke.


So this clearly make us understand that how we can prevent various systemic infections which may further lead to fatal diseases, just by maintaining a good oral hygiene.

Regular dental check-ups and oral prophylaxis (in which a dentist cleans your teeth) in every six month is recommended so that you can enjoy overall good health.