All you need to know about your child’s dental health

After your baby is born, you quickly fall into a cycle of regularly visiting

After your baby is born, you quickly fall into a cycle of regularly visiting your child’s Pediatrician that continues throughout their childhood. But a majority of Indian parents often neglect the need to visit a Pediatric dentist; while others are simply confused about when to take their child for their first visit.

Choose a Pediatric Dentist over a Regular Physician 

Most parents believe that their child’s pediatrician can take care of their child’s dental needs as well. It is only partially true because Pediatric Dentists are experts in handling oral health and hygiene issues for children especially given the changing lifestyle and dietary habits. Children’s bodies are different as compared to adults and a Pediatric dentist has more knowledge about your child’s dentition.

Never Underestimate the Power of Baby Teeth

Another very common but important question that most parents ask is, “Why should I take my child to the dentist when his baby teeth will eventually fall out?” All children lose their primary tooth eventually, but their oral health is very important in the long term. 

Baby teeth are prone to bacterial infections, which could thereby progress pretty quickly, seeping through the remaining teeth and reaching the bone, causing harmful dental infections. Bacterial infection in baby teeth may also hinder the formation of enamel for adult teeth as well as causing permanent damage.

Look out for Optimal Fluoride Intake

Many parents ask about the optimal fluoride intake levels for babies and toddlers. Research indicates that the best amount is one part per million. Anything over that limit can lead to fluorosis (discolouration of teeth) whereas anything below the advised levels might not be able to provide enough protection to your child’ teeth. In certain cases where regular drinking water lacks enough fluoride, your child’s dentist might recommend fluoride supplements as well.

Best Time for First Visit

New Parents are often confused about when is the right time for their child’s first dental visit. As much as it seems that little babies do not need a dentist in particular, it is often a misconception. Also, most parents believe that children below 3 years of age do not require a dentist. However, that’s not true either. It is often recommended that the best time to take your child to the dentist is when their first tooth arrives or when they reach their first birthday, whichever is earlier. 

Prepare your Child for the Visit 

Parents are often out of their depth when it comes to preparing their kid for their first visit to the dentist. You should tell your child that the dentist will “count”, “brush” or take pictures of their teeth. By explaining the exam and cleaning in terms such as these, your child will have less fear and more understanding about the situation.

Follow Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Baby Teeth

Your child’s diet contributes a lot to his/her dental health. Juices, especially the ones in boxes, are not very nutritious. The best snacks for your child would be fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt and cheese. You shouldn’t peel your child’s apples and other fruits as the peel are where most nutrients come from and in addition to that, it helps scrub your child’s teeth.