Preparing for your child’s first dental visit? Here’s what to expect!

As parents, the arrival of baby teeth is momentous for you. As much as they allow

As parents, the arrival of baby teeth is momentous for you. As much as they allow your children to experiment with a new variety of foods; they also bring in a few unforeseen issues for parents. In this article, we talk about your child’s dental visit, and how to keep your baby pampered and warm during the painful phase of teething. 

Plan your Child’s Dental Visit as per his Teething Schedule

Teething plays a key role during the initial days of your parenting, besides all the fun watching your baby’s growth and development. This is the time when you should also start planning about a first visit to the dentist. Your child’s first dental visit could be scheduled as he begins teething – generally at the age of 6 months or above. As new parents, your child’s “firsts” can be quite stressful. However, the first dental visit shouldn’t be so. The visit involves very little treatment and is less time-consuming. 

Choose the Right Pediatric Dentist

Before you go ahead and book an appointment with your regular paediatrician, it is essential to choose a Pediatric Dentist in your city.  At the pediatric dentist’s office, the entire team is specifically trained and equipped to care for your little munchkin. If your child is comfortable with a Pediatric Dentist, make sure you schedule regular visits to allow for consistency in care and treatment routine. 

Be Fully Prepared for the Visit

During the visit, you may be asked to fill a few forms. Hence, make sure you have the child’s complete medical and health information handy. Keep your questions ready – anything related to oral hygiene, cavity prevention, teething, and other concerns that you plan to discuss. 

What to Expect in your Child’s First Dental Visit?

  • The first visit is typically just to educate parents on proper gum and tooth care for babies. 
  • Initially, dental visits are less invasive and linger more on the informative side. 
  • The dentist will check all of your child’s existing teeth for any potential problems as well as the overall alignment of the jaw and examine if there are any issues with oral or gum tissues. 
  • In addition to checking for decay, the dentist might also test your child’s bite and may do some cleaning if required. 
  • You might want to discuss the use of a pacifier and the proper nutrition to keep your baby’s teeth healthy.
  • The dentist should also demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques for parents so that they can knowledgeably assist their children with oral care. 

Establishing a good working relationship with a pediatric dentist will ensure that your child receives proper dental care at an early age. Appointments from an early-age offer your child’s dentist with an opportunity to monitor the teething process closely, leaving no benefit of the doubt in the early detection of any dental issues that arise from the teething phase. Your child feels more comfortable seeing the same doctor and gets accustomed to dental appointments at an early age. This contributes to proper oral care regimen throughout their life.

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