Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism also called dental vacations is a part of a sector known as MEDICAL tourism. This mainly involves individuals seeking dental care outside their health care systems and may be accompanied by a vacation.

As there have been technical, material and technological advances in various aspects, it enables the providers in developing nations to provide dental care at significant cost savings when compared to their peers in developed nations.

Dental tourism in India has been growing tremendously as India over the decades has been attracting tourists all over the world for its historical and cultural heritage. While dental tourists travel for variety of reasons, their choices are usually driven by price considerations. It is possible to compare the prices of treatment, for instance the same implant or porcelien veneer would be cheaper in India as compared to US or Australia. The price difference here is not explainable by reference to material cost.

Reasons for lower prices outside developed world are many….

  • Lower fixed cost
  • Lower labour cost
  • Less govt. intervention
  • Lower expenses
  • Lower insurance costs ….and many more…

Over a period of time Pune has emerged as a hub for its dental tourists for various reasons, mainly for its connectivity with air lines, train and bus to major destinations like Mumbai and also being on a higher altitude, weather is quite pleasant. It also has got rich cultural background and there are many sightseeing places in and around Pune. Dr Dixit's dental speciality clinic is located just a km away from airport and 7kms from railway station makes it even more feasible for our patients as they can avoid the travel time to reach the clinic.

Many of the dental procedures can be completed during the stipulated time. Some procedures like the implants typically require only two trips. First trip involves placement of the implant and provisional crown and the second is after 4-6 months after the implant has stabilized in the bone, which has worked out very well with our pts residing abroad.

A highly qualified and experienced dental team at Dr. Dixits dental clinic ensure that our patients have a pleasant dental experience. As the name implies when combined with holiday it is an opportunity to receive low cost, high quality dental care.


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