April 2020

All you Need to Know about Smile Makeover

A Smile Makeover is a dental procedure to increase the aesthetics of your smile i.e., the appearance of your smile is improved through one or more of the following cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental veneers, composite bonding, tooth implants, teeth whitening and many more!

All you need to know about your child’s dental health

After your baby is born, you quickly fall into a cycle of regularly visiting your child’s Pediatrician that continues throughout their childhood. But a majority of Indian parents often neglect the need to visit a Pediatric dentist; while others are simply confused about when to take their child for their first visit.

10 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Strong and Healthy

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, hence It is necessary to keep your teeth healthy. You can protect them for years to come by practising proper oral hygiene and a healthy dental routine. A healthy oral regime means better conversations, healthy relationships and a confident smile. At Dixit Dental Care, we recommend the below healthy practices to keep your teeth healthy and strong over the years to come!